Can Music Save the World (CMSTW.), founded in June of 2013, was formed as a means to improve the Community Health of underserved areas in Los Angeles through quality music programs for K-8 students. These programs are built to revolve around the needs of the students, both in and out of school, while placing a heavy focus on providing support to teachers, participating schools and the community as a whole. CMSTW believes that despite the many social, educational and financial problems that inner-city communities face today, it is possible to instill change by unifying communities in a common goal. Music can be the unifier.

Music is truly universal. Anywhere you are and anywhere you go, music is deeply ingrained in the culture. It touches all aspects of our lives, from grand celebrations to everyday events. Music has the unique ability to foster individuality, creativity and discipline, but it also can be used to bridge differences and unite communities for the common good. Can Music Save the World uses music as a catalyst to improve the quality of education for students and the quality of life in the communities they live in.

Our Mission

“To Mobilize Community Health By Providing Culturally Diverse Music Education Programs In Underserved Areas”

In Action

C.M.S.W. is currently shooting a short documentary to frame the case for action in restoring music programs to elementary schools in Los Angeles.  When the video is complete, it will be loaded onto a crowd funding site to kick off a 3 month fund raising campaign to raise $100,000 as an initial funding target.  This money will be used to fund the creation of afterschool music programs for elementary schools that meet our standards for music deprivation in the Los Angeles area.  To date, the team has completed interviews for the documentary with Tony White, Performing Arts Coordinator for Los Angeles Unified District’s Beyond the Bell, and Adrin Nazarian, State Assemblyman for 46th District of California, San Fernando Valley.

The Crowd-Funding Campaign

Crowd-Funding is still a relatively new phenomenon.  You may have heard of “Kick Starter”, a popular crowd funding site that typically attracts artists that are in need of funding to fulfil on their projects.  Generally, they hold a multi-month funding campaign where they post a video and ask their fans to donate money to help fund their project.  In return, the contributors have an opportunity to also receive rewards from the artist creating a win/win scenario.

C.M.S.W. intends on following a similar model by offering rewards like concert tickets, drum lessons, and signed memorabilia from artists with notoriety that are partners to the project.