Spread the Word!

  • Share this website with friends, colleagues, family, musicians, students,  and help us build awareness towards the lack of funding available for music education in some of our schools.
  • The filming of the documentary is scheduled to wrap by the end of the 2013 year.  Once it does, we will begin an intensive marketing campaign designed to set up the crowd-funding campaign.  During the marketing campaign there will be plenty of opportunities to share videos and blog material that will be released as pre-launch content, all building to the commencement of the crowd-funding campaign.  Please share this material as it becomes available with your social circles.  We will use social media to disburse the content.  In the meantime please add us on facebook and twitter for updates.

Promote the Documentary!

  • When the documentary is finished, we will have a launch event followed by the release of the video online.  This time is critical in that we need everyone to intensely promote the documentary as much as possible so that it attracts traffic to the crowd-funding site where viewers will have an opportunity to donate.


  • When the crowd-funding campaign commences in the fall of 2014, we will need your financial assistance to make this dream come true!  Not only will you be a contribution to these kids having music in their lives, but you will also have the opportunity to receive rewards based on how much you donate.  These rewards include things like:  autographed cds, artist memorabilia, concert tickets, skype drum lessons from famous drummers, and brand new drum kits.  There is no required minimum amount to donate, and even $5 helps!  Your contribution matters!

If you’re an artist, music retailer or manufacturer

  • Participate in the crowd funding campaign by donating reward based incentives such as signed merchandise, concert tickets, music instruments, accessories, or anything of value that we can auction off to incentivize cash contributions
  • Contact Patrick Coggins to contribute: / 818-421-8420